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About BGLC

Our Core Business

We are the only body legally authorised to represent Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia & Jupagalk Traditional Owners of the Wimmera & Southern Mallee as recognised State and Federally.

As a Registered Aboriginal Party under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 we have legislated authority in the protection and management of our cultural heritage.

As well as working to protect and restore our Country through NRM services we support the training and development of Traditional Owners to build economic and sustainable outcomes.

Our Members

We are the broader community’s link to Traditional Owners, and work with our stakeholders to promote the cultural wellbeing of our members, through our efforts to reconnect them to Country.

Members of BGLC are all descendents of one of the following 8 Apical Ancestors:


  1. Richard Kennedy born 1853 at Morton Plains
  2. Captain Harrison senior born 1838 at Donald
  3. Archibald Pepper born 1859 at Nypo station
  4. Thomas Marks born 1844 at Lake Hindmarsh
  5. Pelham Cameron born 1854 at Morton Plains
  6. Albert Coombes born 1852 at Antwerp
  7. Augusta Robinson born 1855 at Richardson River
  8. Arthur Wellington born 1849 at Brighton Station


Please contact our staff for more information and assistance on Membership