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 Newsletter for September 2017



Community consultations report released today

The Aboriginal Treaty Interim Working Group has released the report from the latest round of community consultations on treaty.

Authored by Ernst & Young, the report provides a detailed analysis of the results from the latest round of community consultations. It also includes an overview of the major entity design elements being worked through including next steps.

The next phase of community consultations will be in the form of a Community Assembly made up from a diverse range of Aboriginal Victorians, selected through an expression of interest process open to all.

It will run across the second half of 2017 and means that any Aboriginal Victorian will, once again, have the chance to have their voice heard.

Download the report summary and/or the full report at

Aboriginal Victoria


Media Release:  Wimmera River - Do not collect Firewood

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Wimmera Heritage River. Pic Bianca Gold




Pink Lake Harvest


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Barengi Gadjin Land Council's Office is now working out of Wail Nursery, located at 127 Wail Nursery Road, Wail

If you are not familiar with Wail Nursery or where it is located, from Horsham it is a 20 minute drive and is located half way between Pimpinio and Dimboola, so if you get to Dimboola you have gone too far. I have included two maps under the Wail Nursery tab.

Our Education officers are hoping to be operating out of one of the schools within Horsham and the rest of us will be at Wail.